Digital ID Scotland
Did you know?
You can change your identity, so...

How would you like to make a wee change to that identity?

please see below:

Stop Smoking Scotland!

Stop Smoking today by utilising something made  in Scotland by Scots and all for a price that a Scottish person likes, namely one Scottish Poond!:

Self-Belief Scotland!

Yes, you can and yes, you are good enough and I don't care what anyone says, and, if you don't believe me, then all you have to do is listen to this:

Unhappy Scotland?

Well, there's nae need for that. Lots of Scots have found that listening to this changes everything for the better:

All of these recordings were made in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland by a Scottish person called Erchie    : )

Please see the links below for mair of his stuff.